A Guide To Go From Rags To Riches

Welcome to this guide "to go from rags to riches!"

Everyone who is new to Project Ion will start empty handed but you free to go everywhere you want.
You will be able to find a lot of natural resources that you could sell to other players or at the pawnshop in Babylon city.

Because you have no weapons and tools it is wise to stay away from hostile creatures that walk around.
A lot of area's are free from creatures so you pretty much save to walk around freely.
Check the map in the bottom the get a indication of currently save area's.

Hemp plants
Hemp plants are found everywhere. A trained eye will be able to spot them from a great distance.

Wood stacks
Just like hemp you will be able to find the stacks of wood everywhere. Robust as these stacks are it will not be hard to spot them.

After you have collected enough resources and sold them to other players or to the pawnshop you could go to Travelers point.
There you will be able to use the Dinars to acquire standard tools and consumables at mister Quick Fix.
Take in account you will also be able to buy stuff from the pawnshop, sometimes even offering better items and consumables than mister Quick fix has. Be sure to check it out regular!
Assuming you buy standard tools it would be wise to find some friends and team up and focus on some more exclusive places.
At the rig and the robot space ship you will be able to find more resources.

The rig
At the rig you can find both oil barrels and uranium barrels.
Because this area is a dangerous place where you can be killed by players and creatures it would not be the best place to be without any means of defense.

Treasures are found on special places in the game.
Just like the rig it are places you can be killed by other players or creatures.
The so called robot space ship north west from Zion is one of the places you will be able to find treasures.

Besides this guide to get on track you will find very helpful community members around.
Most people will have no problem helping you on your way so always feel free to ask some help if you could use it.

Abandoned claims
A somewhat accepted idea but not yet implemented as feature is to make claims free for all after a certain duration period.
This feature will offer a extra opportunity to gain some additional resources from time to time.
You will only need a PRE101 to extract possible resources.
Stay tuned for more information on this possible upcoming feature.


To conclude this screen from VU 0.5.7, easy robot to kill solo and a stack of wood and a nice hemp plant all in one screen.

Thanks for reading this guide and feedback is always welcome!

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