Construction Guide

Constructing items, also called crafting will be a major profession in this resources based platform.
You need to have your resources in your inventory at all times to work with them at the NPC's and terminals.
The process for constructing items consist of three main steps so far.

Alchemy - refining materials

Almost all natural resources can be refined at the Alchemy NPC.
Simply put in the desired material to see what you can do with it.
Some materials can be combined after they are refined to make by example alloy's, plastic and paper.


Component - crafting components

Refined resources are used at the component NPC to create a diverse range of components.
When you place your refined resources you will be able to see all possible components you can create with them.
When a component needs more than one resource it will automatically show the other materials needed along with the amounts for each session.
While some sessions create a single component other sessions will create a multiple of components.


Assembly - assembled items

Workbenches offer you the room to assemble your components into usable items.
Just as with components you just place the desired component you want to work with and it will automatically show all possible items you can assemble with your current inventory.
Notice that some items are assembled one at a time while others are assembled in a multiple amount.

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