Donations towards the Project Ion TestBuilt team

More and more people find Project Ion interesting enough to support it with a donation.
The developers have promised to work out the old website along with the donation page.

So far we are able to support them trough Pay-Pal.


If you want the developers to benefit the most from your support you can best follow the next steps.

Log in on your PayPal account.

Select "Send Money"

After you come in this screen.


Fill in email from Jelle (Official Project Ion Developer)
Fill in the amount that you want to donate.

Select the option "I'm Sending money to family or friends".

Like this they will receive exact amount of money you send without any fee.

Bad idea :

The other option "I paying for goods or services" cost the developers 15% of your donation.
Following the link on the developers website will also cause a automatic 15% fee over your donation to go lost.

Gifts :

Temporary gifts in return for your donations can be asked for.
Fill in your full in-game avatar name along with your requested items into the description.
Check the item database on this wiki to learn more about all items currently available in the project.

Contact :

(Jelle most of time available on IRC) timezone : (Europe, Amsterdam)

Donations towards other Project Ion related projects - N/A yet
Still we could look into creating funds for side projects related to Project Ion as creating magazines, video's or other projects that would be worth some funding.

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