Events and stories

Stirring it up - Global hunting event

Every Sunday 18:00 CET (v0.5.9)
Go hunting solo or with a team, between 18:00 and 19:40 CET
The 3 highest single loots earn the following prizes,
1st: Adjusted Prototype X
2nd: Adjusted Prototype S
3rd: Prototype X
(originally posted here)

Burning Ring of Fire - PK Ring Event at Zion

Sat. 01.02.2014 - Click here for more Information
Burning Ring of fire is a PvP ring event.

Forum Junks Event

This event is ongoing - Click here for more information
The event "Forum Junks" is launched to increase the activity on the forum by individuals.

The Story From

Colonel Ikaru Yamaki ...
A report from a expedition done by some soldiers.

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