Points of Interest

Mad Max Oil Rig

You can find crude oil here.
Oil became less popular in the last age and thought to be not of that great use anymore. Still their was still decided to reactivate the oil rig in effort to maximize possible equipment production for the war against robots and aliens.

Out Laws Uranium Rig

You can find Uranium238 here.
Being dumped and buried for decades it has regained it's value as it is a wanted resource these days in the war against robots, aliens and all that seems not to friendly.


Out Laws Underground

You can find the two entrances towards the underground, one north in the main building at the uranium rig, the other one south west from the rig.
The underground facility that were build by a group of private engineers financed by the VanGyn family has proven to be a good shelter from continues robot attacks.

For safety reasons their is decided to leave the main doors closed that lead deeper into the facility and into the underground city itself.
Not all people are ready yet to face the dangers and are waiting for the newly developed armors to go into mass production.


Robot Spaceship

The Robot spaceship and its purpose is mainly a mystery.
Assumed is that the robots are gathering earths resources and use their spaceship as storage.
Rumors go around they are created by a another civilization that sends drones ahead to prepare a planet for colonization.
Who ever made this robots will be held responsible for all the damage that they have caused over the years.


You can find a story about this ship in the event section HERE.

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