Robot Ship

This guide is made in VU 0.5.9, over time with new version updates we could expect the ship being replaced with another ship or even ships.
So far in the last VU's and in upcoming i not expect them to change so these guide will work well i guess.

The ship is guarded well, both around and inside the ship teleporter entrance.


The best way to approach the ship if from the west side. Make sure you not get to much attention at once from the mobs around the hills.

Especially when you closing in on the last hill, you will see 3 or 4 red dots that are most likely only Drone commanders.
Try to pull one by one, even as you are in team they can be tough to hit on the steep hills.

Try to fight them on even grounds, at the bottom from the steep hill and stay close to each other to prevent the drones run back and for between you and your team members.

As soon you all have reached the top you could expect around 8 strong robots inside, most likely 7 drone commanders and 1 Mech Elite.
You could best try to enter all at the same time, try run trough the center from the TP, only then you will be beamed up.

Your best setup on gear and consumables would be Ganja (6minutes active) + Adjusted Healkit + Bandages and of-course your best gun!

(Should show a screen with a group assembled in line at teleporter, Adjusted HK and Ganja in use!)

If everyone start with healing if he gets hit or shoot a robot that is attacking someone else, prefer taking a robot from someone that is attacked by 2 or more robots.

As soon everyone got his own robot, some robots already going down it will become more and more easy to capture the ship.

At the point all robots are dead, you should loot the first wave of treasures that could lay around.
New robots will be appear into the ship, so make sure you are ready to kill any that do.

(Should show screen from treasure and treasure animation - big team in screen!)

The ship stays active, so you will be able to gain even more treasure when you maintain control of it.

(Pictures added later)

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