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Here we present you the very basic information for a successfull start to pion.
(all this information was gathered at various sites dedicated to Project Ion)

So whats this all about?


Project Ion offers a massive area from 64kmĀ², where you have total freedom and you can decide your own future.
After hiding for a few decades underground people slowly getting back from their shelters finding the atmosphere pretty much restored.
The only problem is mutated animals have taken over a lot of habitat, robots are actively killing humans and there are rumors about aliens wanting to probe us.
You can gather resources trough hunting, mining and exploring, look for treasures, find natural resources like hemp plants.
Create a team to stand strong in this dangerous world, trade with other players, create new equipment, even better than those you started with and much more. Become a known presence in this persistent and constantly growing world!

Your Mission

Joining Project Ion is very easy, first you registerfor a account, after you download the game and you can log in for the first time
You start with creating a personal avatar. For now the avatar creation is very basic and will be upgraded in the upcoming update.
After you finalized your avatar you will be placed in the Zion Citadel to start your adventure.

Movement + Keys

Professions aka. what do do here?


Project Ions combat system consists of melee and ranged weapons such as rifles, pistols, swords and even maces.The attacking style is point and shoot, and isent auto lock on targetting attacking so you get that full real combat shooting style.Attacking bigger and harder creatures will be hard to do so by yourself so teaming up together will be much more benificial and get more kills faster.

You can create a team of up to 10 players and can be set up to take on tougher challenges (for example the spaceship and harder enemies). The are various loot distribution methods for this such as - equal share, damaged based etc. so it should be possible to find something that everyone is happy with. Teaming with your pals gives great benifits and more loot for you and your freinds.


The Woosh PRD series are Portable Resource Detectors. Based on seismic wave reflection, a wave is propagated through the ground using high power explosives and the strongest signal reflected will be assessed for potential resources. Once a resource is confirmed a proof-of-claim will be generated accordingly. Carrying this proof-of-claim is required to extract the resources using an extractor tool.

Assembling / Crafting Stuff

Crafting is one of the professions in Project Ion. You can aquire craftingmaterials from looting enemies, mining them from the ground and finding them across the enviorment.There are 3 phases in the proccess.Raw materials are processed into refined materials then refined materials are manufactured into components and finally components are assembled into usable items.Finding out recipes is a challenge - you have to place items into the processing area to see what can be made with it. Refining raw materials will often yield more than one item - for example refining wood produces both wood planks and wood fibre. And Refined materials are often used in more than one component.Other than that the crafting process is straightforward, simply drag the item you wish to use into the particular manufacturing machine window and away you do - no need to click for hours and hours, just select the amount you wish to manufacture and providing you have the resources needed the items will be produced.

How to make your first PID

A guide by TeslaCoil: To go from rags to riches!

Points of Interest aka where to go

For now please find mob locations and points of interest here:


1) Q: How to loot?

1) A: To loot you walk over the target (hemp, wood, dead creatures, treasures or body bags).

2) Q:Can I lose my raw materials when i get killed by a Robot in PvP out laws?

2) A: Yes, dying inside the PvP out laws area means you will lose all your carried raw materials. A body bag will spawn from your corpse for 10 minutes.

3) Q: Do i have to die to get back in town?

3) A: No, you can click on the R in the player status window

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