Colonel Ikaru Yamaki

Robot Spaceship

One hundred years ago, Colonel Ikaru Yamaki, brilliant cartographer, found a very uncommon location while he was flying above the planet.
He landed in the first human remade colony on the surface , Zion Citadel, and started to assemble a team of ten officers to make an expedition.
With his topographical surveys, he decided to head North West from Zion, through the mountains, to avoid large fields of automated bots.


This was the first legal and general use of drugs in the new army.
In fact, the team needed to be boosted at her maximum to be efficient and have a chance to survive.
Drugs was rediscovered in some very ancient polar vaults and re-implanted on the planet by a temporary "bot seeder".
The legend say that this bot is crashed somewhere in the west and contain some large amount of genetic material.

After a hard hike they reached a valley and seen for the first time the abandoned, automated robot colony.
Two ships was floating above a hill and an another was crashed, far in the west.
They decided to assault the hill and faced some extremely strong and resilient robots.
At the end of the fight they went into a strange beam, at the top of the hill, and were teleported into the first robot ship.


Many officers died. Only 3 courageous and tired men survived : Yamaki San himself and two officers.
They managed to hold the ship during 24 hours before dying and it is the record for now.
The ship seems powered by the resources of the planet and the robots are assembled by nano technology.
That mean they re-spawn in mass even if they kill them.
Also, sometimes, boxes full of resources and material might spawn, giving to the courageous team some great rewards.


Hope this Epic expedition with some old photography are clear enough. Beware !! Only well organized team can success in this adventure.

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