gK - Goat Killers

gK - Goat Killers is a group of people who do secret things on the planet. Like in the old Japan times, we were rōnin, Samouraïs without master.
We are a culturally diverse, compatibles and trustable between each others.

Some may say we are trouble maker; they are probably right. Some may hate us to death, introducing a large amount of drama around our acts and we assume it.
We are not here to please you : We are here to do whatever we want.

Joining gK is not an easy way. It might take months even years to be part of the group. The society will never change or "seed" in different groups.
If you join gK, it's for the life. You live and die with us.

"The penetrating brilliance of swords, wielded by followers of the Way, strikes at the evil enemy, lurking deep within, their own souls and bodies."

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